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(Scripture from the NKJV and KJV)

– Now to him that works is the reward – not reckoned of grace – but of debt. – Romans 4:4

“So likewise you – when you have done all those things which are commanded you – say, ‘We are unprofitable servants – we have done that which was our duty to do’ (Luke 17:10).”  As Christians, we should never expect nor make it our motivation – to receive heavenly blessings or rewards down here on earth for every single thing we do for and in His name.  This is nothing more than conditional obedience.

It’s saying to the Almighty that we will “do something for Him” – but only if we receive something back in this world from our Lord.  Even if we are giving everyone else an outward appearance of total servitude and submissiveness – God always knows the imagination of our hearts and thoughts – He discerns our every intent and motivation for doing anything in this life (Ezekiel 11:5, 1 Chronicles 28:9, Hebrews 4:12).

If our internal desires are of fleeting and worldly fame, fortune, and riches – even within any ministry – these are all temporal. They may be highly esteemed among man – but they are an abomination to God (Luke 16:15).  We brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out (1 Timothy 6:7). What does it profit any of us if we gain the whole world – even as Christians – and lose our soul (Matthew 16:26)?

In Luke 17, Jesus used the parable of the unprofitable servant (Luke 17:7-10) to show the disciples that any laboring for the Lord is a duty – not a profitable profession (Job 21:15, Job 35:3, Ecclesiastes 3:9, Malachi 3;14).  Desires for worldly goods will make us go after worldly gods and other vain things that cannot profit us and deliver us in the end (1 Samuel 12:21).  It can be very damaging, dangerous, and deceitful to us and others if we ever start comparing and equating rewards and benefits that typically result from a corporate work ethic – with those of a Christian one.  They are not the same.

Any labor we do for the Lord above is our reward – not a means to get one down below (Romans 4:4).  God does not “owe” anybody anything – He gave us everything He could ever possibly give us with the birth, life, death, and resurrection of His only Son (John 3:16).  It is the only hope any of us have of eternal life – and overcoming the corruption and pollution of a world that will one day be remembered no more.  This was all promised to us by God before this earth was ever created (Isaiah 65:17, Titus 1:2, 2 Peter 1:4, 2 Peter 2:20, 2 Peter 3:13, 1 John 5;4-10)

We have a debt we can never repay (Romans 4:4)  The entire earth could toil in His name around the clock for the next 1,000 years – and it would be nothing more than a vain show in comparison to what was accomplished in one day at Calvary (Psalm 39:5) .  Christians have an incorruptible inheritance reserved in heaven (2 Peter 1:4).   Any rewards for any work done in His name here on earth – await us in heaven – where neither moth nor rust corrupt (Matthew 6:20).   We toil to obtain an eternal crown of glory above (1 Corinthians 9:25),   The sweetest words we can ever hear will be when God smiles at us on that day and says “Well done, good and faithful servant (Matthew 25:21).”

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(Scripture from the NKJV and KJV)

– For we brought nothing into this world – and it is certain we can carry nothing out. – 1 Timothy 6:7

– “The years will come and go – some of us will change our lives, some of us still have nothing to show.” – George Micheal (“Waiting For That Day”)

“Have you ever taken a moment and stopped to think you’ve lived your whole life up until now – and completely missed the point?”  That’s a wonderful line from the 2010 movie “What If?” It’s about a young man who gives up the seminary and a fiance – for a 15-year career of corporate greed.  But, through an angel he gets the chance to see what his life could have been like – and a chance to choose between the two at the end.

Have “you” ever stopped to look around at everything you might have right now and said to yourself something like “Have I missed the point?”, or “Is this all I have to show for all these years?”  Some might not have what they think they want right now – but they are just waiting for that day when they have something to show to themselves or others for all their efforts. Only to say all too often, “Is this it?”  Everything hoped for wasn’t as expected – all of the things worked for only seemed to be vanity and a vexation of spirit in the long run (Ecclesiastes 2:11).

The flesh and blood we all are cannot inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 15:50).  Everything worldly in our lives – all of our material pursuits and possessions – all turn to rust and dust one day.  And, what does it profit it us if we gain the whole world and lose our souls (Matthew 16:26).  Naked we came from our mother’s womb – and naked we will return to the earth – taking nothing of our labor on earth with us (Ecclesiastes 5:15). Only our spirit returns to the One who gave it (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

Where our treasures are in this life – so there will be our hearts (Matthew 6:21).  It is difficult to fix our hearts on those eternal rewards that await us up above – when we place our hope and happiness on worldly things below (Luke 6:23, Revelation 22:12).  What awaits us at the end is an incorruptible crown of glory to wear forever – and an incorruptible inheritance reserved in heaven for us that never fades away (1 Corinthians 9:25, 1 Peter 1:4).  That’s the day I’m waiting for – how about you?

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(Scripture from the NKJV and KJV)

– But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven – where neither moth nor rust corrupts – and where thieves do not break through nor steal. – Matthew 6:20

We cannot lay up earthly treasures for ourselves and be rich towards God at the same time (Luke 12:21).  The Bible warns us many times about the pitfalls and futility of asking for and accumulating worldly goods for personal profit and pleasure – James 4:3, for example.  Materialistic and physical things are passing and fleshly – and all the fruits thereof only lead to death (Romans 6:21).  It does not profit any of us if we gain the whole world and lose our souls in the end (Matthew 16:26).

Jesus told the parable of the wealthy rich man who simply pulled down his barns and built bigger ones to store all the increase of his goods – instead of sharing with others (Luke 12:16-20). What is the profit to us on earth when our goods increase – and the only thing we can really do is behold them with our eyes (Ecclesiastes 5:11) – or if we just have to build or buy bigger places to store them?  And, it will be a witness against our flesh if we are heaping up goods and treasures to protect and preserve ourselves in the last days (James 5:3-5).

All the worldly things we may pray for in this life – and get – will one day fade away.  They will turn to rust and dust.  Our wealth and riches can’t save us – nor anyone we may know (Psalm 49:6-8).  We are running a race here on earth – striving only to obtain an incorruptible inheritance reserved for us in heaven (1 Peter 1:4).  It’s where we will receive an incorruptible crown of glory to wear forever (1 Corinthians 9:25).  And, where our treasure is – so there will be our hearts (Matthew 6:21).

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