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(Scripture from the NKJV and KJV)

– And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon – concerning the name of the Lord – she came to prove him with hard questions. – 1 Kings 10:1

– There are answers we’re not wise enough to see. – “The Riddle” by Five for Fighting, written by John Ondrasik, copyright 2006

Life is full of hard questions.  Still, the answers we may seek – the truthful responses – may be much harder to accept than the questions themselves.  Where we go in our quest for these answers – says a lot about our level of faith.  Do we turn to fellow believers first (i.e. church pastors, elders, etc.) – perhaps hoping they’ll give us softer answers and advice requiring the least repentance?  Or, do we turn to God first  – for many hard answers we can’t bear while on earth (John 16:12)?

Only God knows our hearts – He fashioned them while making us (Psalm 139:15).  Ministries can get blamed in time (2 Corinthians 6:3) if members attempt delving into heart matters of any other person.  What happens when a troubled person gets different responses from different believers – for the same hard question?  If we’re fools by trusting our hearts (Proverbs 28:26) – what would make any of us think we can answer the hard questions of other’s hearts?  Well, Solomon and Job did.

Solomon exceeded all the kings of earth for riches and wisdom (1 Kings 10:23).  When the queen of Sheba heard about this – she went to find out for herself (lead verse).  Loading up a very great train of gifts, she set out for Jerusalem – some 1,500 miles away.  After arriving, the queen communed with Solomon of all that was in her heart – nothing was hid (1 Kings 10:2-3). When her hard questions had been answered – his wisdom was more than she had believed from afar (1 Kings 10:6-7).

Job got caught up in his counsel to others – he said so himself (Job 29:21).  Men gave ear to his words and kept silent after – waiting to hear from Job again like waiting for rain.  They drank in his further counsel like a very thirsty person might with long-awaited water from the sky (Job 29:22-23).  Job chose out their ways – dwelling as chief among them (Job 29:25).  People followed Job more than God – and Job’s glory was fresh in him because of it (Job 29:20, 1 Corinthians 1:12-13).

Solomon soon developed a wife problem (1 Kings 11:3) – Job already had an “I” problem (Job 29:14-19).  Solomon’s heart was turned away from God – Job’s heart was turned towards himself.  They could answer hard questions from others about God and life – but they had a hard time maintaining a right faith “focus”.  Consequently, both men lost nearly everything they had – as a result of forgetting, not fearing, and not fully following God (1 Kings 11:6-13, Job 1:9:19).

God has hard questions for all of us – about Himself and His nature.  They are all unanswerable.  Our Father presented them to Job out of the whirlwind – and they humbled Job (Job 38:1 – Job 41:11).  He then hated himself for uttering things he did not understand – then repented in dust and ashes (Job 42:2-6).  If we are not humbled by those very same questions – are we not still haughty, high-minded, and prideful in thinking we can answer the hard “heart” questions of others?

Pride goes before destruction – and a haughty spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16:18).  Nearly everything Job had was destroyed by God – and Solomon fell out of favor with Him – in part for trying to answer hard questions they had no business trying to answer. Job’s fortunes were restored for humbling himself – twice as much as before (Job 42:10).  Solomon did not – and the Lord stirred up adversaries against the king until his death (1 Kings 11:14-25).  Both men had to learn hard lessons.  Will we?

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