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KJV and NKJV Scripture

– And let the peace of God rule in your hearts. – Colossians 3:15

– Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. – Hebrews 12:14

Have you ever wondered why there has never been true peace on this earth when Christ is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)?  When there has been peace, it has been very fragmented and fragile.  And, why do things seem to be getting progressively worse on this planet; not better?  The answer comes from Jesus: “My kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36).”

Christ is the prince of the peaceable kingdom to come when this earth is done.  It is the very same kingdom dwelling in the hearts of Christians born again of the Spirit (John 3:5).  It is a kingdom that doesn’t come with any outer observation (Luke 17:20-21), but by humble and inner obedience (Philippians 2:8) – and mutually abiding with God until death (John 15:1-6).

So the steps up the spiritual staircase to heaven are climbed correctly – so an entrance is ministered unto us into heaven (2 Peter 1:4-11).  So Jesus does not call us robbers and thieves for trying to climb some other way than the narrow one (John 10:1, Matthew 7:14).  If we do it God’s way without straying, we will begin to think proper thoughts (Philippians 4:8-9).

This is God’s promise, if we truly obey according to His Word.  It provides a constant sense of inner peace and contentment – no matter what state we are in – no matter if we cannot understand what is going on outside in an ever changing world (Philippians 4:11). This is the peace Christ leaves inside us; not as the world gives, but as the Word does (John 14:27).

False converts or nominal believers never experience this peace, as they do not have the Prince of Peace dwelling inside through the Spirit’s power.  They may earnestly expect to find it by reading the Bible a lot or going to church weekly.  But, they seek inner peace by such external means, and others, to keep their soul calm, no matter what life storm rages outside.

This does not work, because God didn’t design it to be this way from the beginning.  The hope of eternal life in Christ was given before He formed this earth (Titus 1:2).  However, false converts and nominal believers don’t have this anchor of hope in their soul (Hebrews 6:19).  Whatever peace they may sense inside – is only based on a sense of relative tranquility outside.

Born again Christians may also not experience any sense of steady inner peace.  If they stay entangled in life’s affairs (2 Timothy 2:4), and keep on minding earthly matters (Philippians 3:19), they will not for long.  This is because Satan is this world’s prince (John 14:30) whose job – whose joy – is to rob true Christians of complete inner peace and joy in Jesus.

A peace keeping us from ever being troubled or afraid again (John 14:27).  However, any conformance to this world (Romans 12:2) is bound to bring regular bouts of spiritual highs and lows, based on how long or how strong winds of life blow.  Leaving a fleeting peace in their wake, and preventing a lasting one passing all understanding inside (Philippians 4:5-7).






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(Scripture from the KJV)

Being content is a state of peaceful happiness.  The apostle Paul found this internally with Christ – no matter what was going on around him – and it wasn’t very pleasant many times (2 Corinthians 11:23-27, for example).  He endured far more than we could probably ever imagine going through as modern-day Christians.  Yet, he attained this sense of inner peace.  As believers like Paul was, we are to be content with such things as we have (Hebrews 13:5).

Anything more than food and clothing should be considered a plus for us (1 Timothy 6:8).  We are not to exact any more than what has already been appointed to us – being content with our wages.  Whatever they are – they are enough to spread the news of the gospel (Luke 3:13-14) – and we don’t need to be making any more by doing so (Titus 1:11, 1 Peter 5:2).  We don’t have to make merchandise of people to make the gospel known to them (2 Peter 2:3).

When we want for anything, we are not trusting God to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Psalm 23:1, Philippians 4:19). It’s very difficult to be wanting and content simultaneously.  We’re usually discontent when we want – because we see what we have as not being enough for whatever reasons – usually very worldly.  Our prayers will tend to be wanting as well when we don’t have inner contentment – full of asking God for thing amiss to consume on our own lusts (James 4:3).

Discontent is often a harbinger of contention and contending, which frequently gives way to mutually measuring and comparing ourselves with each other – even among our closest of brothers and sisters in Christ.  This is not wise (2 Corinthians 10:12).  If we’ve yet to find the inner peace in all situations we face like Paul – will we not have tendencies to praise and thank God only when we’re getting what we want from Him – not what He wants us to have?  We can’t contend with God (Job 40:2) – and be content with Him at the same time.

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(NKJV and KJV Scripture)

– There remains therefore a rest to the people of God. – Hebrews 4:9

Boredom and restlessness go hand-in-hand walking down the highways of our lives. Each one by themselves can “hand” itself over to the other. Both are nothing but losing interest in someone or something. We just ‘know” there is something better around the next corner – or just over the next hill – but we’re never quite sure what it is. However, we can be far too willing at times to risk relationships – to see if we can go find out.

Many people can spend their whole lives like this. They drift restlessly from one new person or thing to another – but never seem to find the internal and permanent rest they so long for. Whatever it is remains ever elusive – always just out of reach – and they never enter into God’s rest.

Are we more at rest in our relationship with God – or more restless as believers? Is there something we see immediately in the world that promises better things for our own gain –  than just promises of them in the Word intended to benefit everyone (Ecclesiastes 5:9)?  Are we getting bored and losing interest – willing to risk our relationship with Him to go find out?  Remember, it can seem evil to serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).

This can be evidenced when we’re not getting the goods of this world we thought we might when we became believers.  The subtlety of Satan is really good at making us think we should be serving ourselves for serving the Lord – otherwise, why are doing it (Romans 4:4, 2 Corinthians 4:4)?  When this happens, we can begin to claim blessings God never intended for us.  When our focus remains on the world as Christians – we can easily grow restless with the Word (Philippians 3:19, 1 John 2:15).

Hebrews 4:1-10 gives us God’s promise of rest. Some do not enter because His Word is not mixed in with faith – others because there still remains some unbelief. The truest way to enter into His rest is to cease from our own works – just like He did after creating this world. It may sound contradictory – but we have to labor to enter in. However, whatever work we do in the world – we do heartily unto Him – and not towards other men (Colossians 3:23).

This may mean we have to leave earthly careers – to find out what our true calling and labor is for Him according to our proper gift (1 Corinthians 7:7). Not in every case, but this may be what it takes for some of us – through listening to and obeying the Spirit – to finally find out the “rest” that remains.  For then we might be able to finally enter His rest completely – now and for eternity (2 Thessalonians 1:7).

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