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KJV and NKJV Scripture

– And many false prophets shall arise, and shall deceive many. – Matthew 24:11

– He who is false to his God will not be true to his fellow mortals. – Matthew Henry

Our word “false” comes to us from the Latin “falsus.” It means deceptive, feigned, or pretend.  Our word “prophet” is defined as a person who is regarded to be an inspired teacher or proclaimer of God’s will.  Put them together to get “false prophet.”  It is any person who asserts they know (and are doing) His will – but it is all a pretense intended to defraud souls under the guise of following Christ and the truth of God’s Word.

These imposters have privately brought damnable heresies into the church since the time of Christ (2 Peter 2:1).  They’ve crept into sanctuaries unaware; turning God’s grace into a license for lasciviousness (Jude 1:4), or a green light from heaven to pursue worldly lusts under the banner of faith.  Mocking the Cross by making money off of God’s Word, they are the ungodly souls whose destruction will be swift.

We usually see these swindlers on TV, putting forth their false dreams and lying divinations (Ezekiel 13:6-7) to people in the pews and general viewing public. Saying things like, “The Lord placed this on my heart last night, and it’s imperative I tell you now.  Just sow your seed of faith with this ministry – a minimum of $100 please – and God will double your blessing in 24 hours.  Double your donation and He will triple it.”

Speaking words smoother than butter and soften than oil, their hearts are but drawn swords (Psalm 55:21). They could care less if we are blessed by God or not. As long as they keep people opening their wallets and purses to keep their own cash drawers full and bank accounts brimming, they don’t believe or see they are foolishly sinning.  Fashioning themselves to former lusts in willful ignorance of the truth (1 Peter 1:14).

Ir’s right in their eyes (Proverbs 14:12) so it must be the same in God’s (Deuteronomy 13:18).  They say it’s being done for His glory, but it’s just so they can generate worldly profit and pursue worldly pleasures (James 5:5).  Laying up treasures below (Matthew 6:19) they cannot take with them when they go (1 Timothy 6:7).  Preying upon the needy (Matthew 6:8), greedy, and those of easy belief and/or deceit.

Billy Graham once said that prisons are full of con men, and sadly, so are many churches (end).”  If these Christian charlatans and scam artists had any good conscience towards God as commanded, they would stop cheating on Him (1 Timothy 1:5).  They would cease subverting whole houses for filthy lucre’s sake.  They would stop their mouths from teaching vain, unruly things they ought not to (Titus 1:10-11).

If these con artists prophesying false dreams had stood in God’s counsel to begin with, they would be turning from their evil ways (Jeremiah 23:22,32). They’d stop swerving everyone from the truth (1 Timothy 1:6), using their perverted versions of His Word and like visions.  Making things up (Numbers 16:28) and moving everyone far from the gospel they first knew as kids (Galatians 1:6-7, 2 Timothy 3:15).

These are the grievous wolves Jesus and Paul said would enter in and deceive many, because they will be disguised in sheep’s clothing, speaking perverse things to draw disciples away after themselves.  They will be ravenous for earthly riches and will not spare God’s flock in the process (Matthew 7:15, Acts 20:29-30).  Draining bank accounts of others to bolster their own, and to keep their bellies full (Philippians 3:19).

Some travel in packs, seeking God’s true sheep to fleece – picking pockets clean.  All so these deceivers can be of one purse and fill their homes with spoil (Proverbs 1:13-15).  Yet, they live on in err (James 1:16), having forsaken the right way to heaven in favor of Balaam’s way and the gainsaying of Core (2 Peter 2:15,18, Jude 1:11).  Spiritual whores chasing worldly riches or rewards on every floor (Hosea 9:1).

God warns us to take heed, testing and trying the spirits, for many of these false prophets have gone out into the world (1 John 4:1).  One test is this:  If any Christian preacher, teacher, singer, writer, or movie maker, makes merchandise of you – even if they charge a cent for a thing they sell (2 Corinthians 12:9)- they are false prophets.  Their damnation in hell from long ago does not slumber (2 Peter 2:3).






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(KJV and NKJV Scripture)

– In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on men. – Job 4:13

Imagine how it must have been back in Bethlehem at the time of Christ’s birth.  There were no news channels to cover it, or cell phones for everyone to call family and friends – to share their joy.  There were no road maps.  The only way the wise men knew how to find the manger was by following a star – until it stood over the stable where Jesus was (Matthew 2:10).

However, Herod had spoken to these wise men before they left Jerusalem for Bethlehem.  He said he wanted to find out where the Christ child was to worship him also.  What he really desired was to have Jesus killed (Matthew 2:7-8) – but the wise men had no way of knowing this.  How could they know he was lying?  Who was going to warn them not to return to Herod?

Words from our mouths can only do so much – for we never know man’s true intentions, like Herod. Likewise, how did Joseph know how to flee with Mary and Jesus from Bethlehem into Egypt – shortly after the birth?  How was he going to find out for sure while staying there when it would be safe to go back – when Herod was really dead?

Who knew Joseph was truly afraid of returning into Israel after he did hear the news?  Herod’s son Archelaus was now ruling.  How could Joseph be certain Archelaus wasn’t desiring the same thing as his dad – to have Christ killed?  How was anyone going to tell Joseph the truth about where to go – and what he should do next?  The answer?  Four separate dreams.

The wise men were warned in a dream of God not to return to Herod (Matthew 2:12).  An angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph and told him to arise and flee into Egypt (Matthew 2:13).  When Herod died – another angel appeared – telling Joseph the news in a night dream (Matthew 2:20).  Knowing he was afraid to return – God told him in a dream to head towards Galilee (Matthew 2:22).

The Lord is always at least one step ahead of us. Knowing of evil nearby before we even see it – or even perceiving it is about to happen (Judges 20:34). We may even be taken home if He knows the evil will be too much (Isaiah 57:1).  It’s why we redeem our brief time here (Ephesians 5:16).  Still, how do we truly know how He wants us to spend it – without speculating if it’s His will or ours?

How do we hear His still small voice when this world can seem so noisy at times (1 Kings 19:12)?  How do we perceive it’s God speaking to us once – then twice (Job 33:14)?  How do we truly ever know what He wants us to do for Him – and where He wants us to go to do it – and why?  And, that it’s not just an idea or plan which seems right – but only in our own eyes (1 Chronicles 13:4, Proverbs 21:2).

When is the time most of us are the most quiet and still during any day?  Isn’t it while we are sleeping? Why wouldn’t God – just like He did with the wise men and Joseph – send us directions in our dreams? In visions of the night – when deep sleep falls upon us – when we slumber in our beds.  To open our ears and seal our instructions (Job 33:15-16).

So the Lord can withdraw us from our purposes – and direct us into His.  So He can hide pride from us – before we fall too far (Job 33:17, Proverbs 16:18). So He can keep our souls from the pit – and from perishing by the sword (Job 33:18).  This could have happened to Jesus, had Joseph listened to words from men – and had not hearkened to his visions of the night from heaven.  .

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