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(KJV and NKJV Scripture)

– Furthermore, when I came to Troas to preach Christ‘s gospel; and a door was opened unto me of the Lord. – 2 Corinthians 2:12

– “I (Jesus) am the door: By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” – John 10:9

All of us probably love to hear words such as “If God closes one door, He’ll open another one.”  However, there are all kinds of doors in life – both physical and spiritual.  Which of the latter ones are being opened or closed shut, and when – takes prayer and great discernment.  So is who’s opening them, and why – or life can end up feeling like a revolving door.

When Paul tarried at Ephesus until Pentecost, he realized God had opened a great and effectual door to preach the gospel there.  He was also fully aware there were many adversaries waiting on the other side who didn’t want him to (1 Corinthians 16:8-9). His main adversary then, is the same as ours today – Satan (1 Peter 5:8).

Sin lies at every door (Genesis 4:7) – including the figurative one over our mouths (Psalm 141:3).  A door we may perceive to be leading to more truth and our Father – could just be a trap door to more lies.  Set by the father of them – Satan (John 8:44), to catch us at will in his snare of sin once again (2 Timothy 2:26).

Following God requires faith and prayer – which have their own doors.  When Paul and Barnabas gathered the church together in Antioch – they told of how God had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles (Acts 14:26-27).  When we pray, we are to go into a closet, and shut the door.  What He sees in secret will be rewarded openly (Matthew 6:6).

Still, wherever we go to spread the gospel, there will be opposition standing in every doorway.  The devil doesn’t want us to get to a place he can never get back to – heaven.  We have overcome the wicked one as believers – if we abide with God steadfast until the end; as He does with us (John 15:1-5, Hebrews 3:14, Hebrews 13:5, John 2:14).

There is a final door we’re all heading for called death.  It’s the forever snare of Satan (Proverbs 14:27).  All issues from death belong to God (Psalm 68:20) – and He holds the keys to it and hell (Revelation 1:18).  However, Satan still has power over ours.  This is why Christ died at the Cross – to defeat death in principle (Hebrews 2:9-15).

However, it will be the last enemy to be defeated (1 Corinthians 15:26).  This won’t happen until God sends His Son back with His grace and salvation (1 Peter 1:13, Revelation 12:10).  Until then, standing in the doorway between the devil and eternal damnation, and forever deliverance – is our Savior Jesus (second lead verse).

There really is a stairway to heaven in a spiritual sense.  We can spend our whole lives as Christians climbing up the wrong steps (John 10:1).  We’ve been given the key to heaven with the Holy Ghost – but can still find heaven’s door has no keyhole upon our death.  We have to stay humble and obedient unto it like Jesus (Philippians 2:8, Colossians 3:5-6).

It doesn’t matter how high we climb – perhaps on the proverbial ladder to success in life – if we find the door to eternal deliverance upon our death, locked. We can knock all we want with no answer.  Or, we may hear God say from the other side “Depart, for I never knew you (Matthew 7:23).”  The only stairs left are the ones leading down to damnation’s door.

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(NKJV and KJV Scripture)

– But all this was done, that the scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled.  Then all the disciples forsook him, and fled. – Matthew 26:56

They needed you – and you were there for them. Day and night for over three years – you cared for them and taught them; providing for and guiding them.  They were loved and they knew it.  Yet, at the time you needed them the most – they fled; nowhere to be found in your darkest hour.

They left you hanging.  In today’s world, there might be many who wouldn’t want anything more to do with people like this.  By God‘s Word, He still wants everything to do with us (2 Corinthians 11:2) – despite the most loyal disciples leaving His only Son to hang on the Cross; seemingly having high-tailed it out of town.

In our lives, we never know what tomorrow will bring (James 4:14).  We don’t even know what any single 24-hour period will ever bring forth (Proverbs 27:1). God does – declaring the end of all things from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10).  How would you like to enter a relationship with full knowledge you would be betrayed or denied three, five, 20 years down the road – especially at a time you needed them most?

Christ did – to fulfill Scripture (lead verse).  Peter had to deny Jesus three times (Mark 14:29-30, Luke 22:54-62) – and Judas had to betray the Son of man (Matthew 26:17, 47:49).  Despite this – knowing well ahead of time he would be crucified, and all the disciples would flee, Christ still went around with gentleness, peace and love to all, even when others mocked and scoffed and questioned.

For Jesus was doing God’s will – of a heavenly agenda, not an earthly one (John 5:30).  Though being the Son of God, Christ esteemed all others better than himself at all times – regardless of knowing the future.  We are to have this same mind as Christians – even when others depart, deny, or deceive us (Philippians 2:3-7).  Otherwise, are we not lightly esteeming our Savior (Deuteronomy 32:15)?

God can never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) – but we must never be so presumptuous to think we cannot deny, depart or forsake Him as believers (1 Chronicles 28:9).  Solomon found out the hard way what that is like (1 Kings 11:6-25).  Job forsook God in favor of himself (Job 29: 14-25).  Peter thought he favored Jesus – and was ready to follow the Lord to prison – even to death (Luke 22:33).

After Jesus said, “all of you shall be offended because of Me this night,” – Peter said “not me – I won’t be offended.”  All the disciples said likewise (Mark 14:27-31).  How could they depart now?  They may have never thought they could leave the Lord like this, after all He had done for them.  Despite saying they wouldn’t be offended – they all took off (lead verse).

We choose each day whom we will serve as Christians (Joshua 24:15).  If we ever declare we will follow Jesus until the day we die like Peter did – we deceive ourselves.  It’s nothing more than being presumptuous and self-willed (2 Peter 2:10).  Judas may have thought he would stay unto the end with Christ, but Satan entered him – so Judas could betray Jesus for money (Luke 22:3-5).

Just like the apostle Paul, the devil will always be a thorn in our side to buffet us as believers (2 Corinthians 12:7).  Satan would love to separate us again from God and sift us like wheat – like he had the desire to do with Peter (Luke 22:31).  To give us the desire to depart from Christ – and go after the world again – just like Demas did (Philippians 1:23, 2 Timothy 4:10).

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